About Us

Established in 1999, Southern Belles Soap Co. is a small family business located on our goat farm near historic  Warm Springs, GA. Our mission from the beginning is to make the best handmade soaps we can make and we continuously study and research for new, healthy ingredients for our product lines.

Our soaps are handmade in small batches using food grade botanical oils of olive, coconut, palm and soybean,  goat’s milk, essential oils, cosmetic grade fragrance oils and other ingredients such as cleansing clays, vitamin E, jojoba oils, grapeseed oils, Sea Buckthorn berry and seed oils, Kukui and squalane.

We use the traditional cold process method which means the temperature is not as high and therefore the good properties of the oils are not damaged. We use sodium hydroxide to bind the oils and liquid molecules. This dissipates during the six weeks  saponification or curing process, and we do a PH test to check the alkaline level of the soaps.

My background is Home Economics back  when we had to take lots of chemistry classes. Soap-making lets  me use information that has been dormant for years.  My husband had more business skills which has made for a good partnership. Our children first laughed when I told them I was researching to start a soap business.  They have since stopped laughing and they and their children help.  This has been the first paying job for most of the grandchildren, and they delight in having a soap named after each of them.


If you are interested in carrying our soaps in your retail shops, contact us at 706-655-2379 for wholesale information. We currently have soaps in eight states in gift shops, resorts, farmer’s market, hospital gift shops and state parks.


We do private labels for shop logos, weddings, showers and other occasions.

Contact 706-655-2379.